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Internal Glass

Am I blind or ask too much
Should I go or stay
Could I be a better me
To see another way

Should I be the silent one
Or stand up to be heard
And should I be in cotton wool
Or should I break and hurt

Should I be more heart and soul
Or listen to my head
I've lost my way and hurt myself
To everything you said

Falling Apart

I know you have lots of things on your mind
His actions and words were very unkind
I guess over the years he chose to neglect
Instead of showing you love and respect

You gave it your best, now it's falling apart
It's bringing you down and breaking your heart
He's missing your charm, your beautiful smile
Everyday, not once in a while

And as you wonder what's happening next
If you're feeling lost and perplexed


I promise to be here as your friend
Beginning, throughout and to the end

I promise to kiss away all your tears
Your sadness, regrets and all your fears

I promise to be a friend by your side
To listen and comfort, your problems divide

I love you, truly

This is me, all of me
Everything I grew to be
From a child to a man
Breaking every rule I can

And now I see everything
Everything I care to be

You held my hand, there was no light
You helped me up, to live and fight
Just writing this makes me cry
Because I almost passed you by

My friend, my love, my sweetest dream
I wrote the following called Love Supreme:

Together, through weather, we'll ride the storm
Our spirits as one to keep us warm

Our souls to comfort and to keep
To kiss away the tears we weep

Our hearts beat on, to love and to hold
As we live life, together grow old


Thank you God for giving me
Ability to feel, learn, love and see
Now I can tell you what I have learned
Love is to give and risk being burned

To teach by example and know you are right
To take someone's darkness and fill it with light
To hold out your hand and take up the slack
Know everything you give will always come back


The strangers walk among our race
Entering lives, then gone, no trace

For the perfect love, they come to find
For beauty and fortune, love's not blind

They seek excitement, the standard's high
Average scores need not apply

For in modern times, we're a click away
Hello, goodbye, the strangers play